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At ISG-Healthworld, a dedicated team of highly specialized professionals are consistently working every day, to meet our reputation as one of the best healthcare recruitment teams in the world. 



  • ArrowISG-Healthworld is a globally renowned & specialized corporation in the placement of senior executive assignments & leadership positions within public, early stage, emerging growth, private equity and venture capital backed life sciences, biotech, pharma, medical devices and diagnostics organizations.
  • ArrowAt ISG-Healthworld we are - for instance - helping US-, LATAM- & Asian-companies to successfully recruit, set-up and run their business-operations Europe from a HR- and recruitment-chain perspective. Companies originated in the US, LATAM & Asia with a dedicated focus on Scientific Research, Biotech, Pharma and Medical Devices that have recently received market authorisation in EMEA or in one of the European markets and who seek to find board- or VP-level members, Senior- & Middle Management) can rely on our experience (or vice versa from EMEA to USA, LATAM & Asia).
  • ArrowClient focus related to Executive Search is:
Healthcare private equity and venture capital funds in the range of $50M to $500B AUM
Global Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices/Diagnostics, Innovation & Digital Health Transformation
Healthcare Private Equity and Venture Capital backed companies
Privately and public held firms (for-profit) in the range of $10M to $500B
Start-up, Spin Offs, small-, mid- and large-size enterprises, turn-around operations
Multinational Blue chip organizations
  • ArrowISG - Healthworld (International Service Group) is offering the whole health care value chain in the following service-areas:
Personnel Consulting & Recruiting
C-Suite & Board Level Services
Executive Search
Interim Management
Talent Mapping
Market Mapping
Diversity Mapping
Talent Monitoring
Development & Training
Potential Analysis & Diagnostics
Leadership Assessment
  • ArrowWe are a dedicated group of highly specialized professionals: experienced health care managers, pharmaceutical experts, senior managers, medical engineers, senior medical doctors and many more.
  • ArrowWe are combining sectorial experience with passion, customer adjusted fee-structures with profound understanding of client's needs.
  • ArrowWe are specialized in the following industries: Health Care, Medical Devices, Medical Diagnostics, Pharma & Generics, Biotech & Life Sciences, Consumer Healthcare, Chemicals, Fine Chemicals & Speciality Chemicals, Clinical Nutrition, Hospitals & Senior Residences, Health Insurance, Health Care Consulting Industry, Health Tourism & Spa.
  • ArrowWe are focusing on all functional areas like: Marketing & Sales, Health Economics, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management, Hospital Management, Medical Assignments, Health Care - IT & Informatics, Scientific Research, Preclinical- & Clinical Development, Medical Automation, Medical Manufacturing, -Prototyping & -OEM, Health Care Communications, Health Care Advertising and many other functional areas.
  • ArrowWe speak to the most renowned and highly qualified health care industry leaders.
  • ArrowWe address directors, vice presidents, general managers, business managers, senior managers, engineers and scientists from all global regions who are currently seeking new challenges and career opportunities. At all times we remain mindful of their future strategy and career aspirations.
  • ArrowWe offer recruiting-, executive search-, development & training- and outplacement - services at all professional career levels.
  • ArrowThe ISG-Group offers its worldwide recruiting-, executive search-, development and training- and outplacement - solutions for the following target-groups of candidates:
C-Suite and Board Level
General Management
Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents
Directors and Senior Directors
Top Management
Senior Management
Middle Management / Line Management
Industry Specialists
Young Professionals
  • ArrowWe deliver shortlisted and final candidates of the highest quality and within predetermined time.
  • ArrowWe are consistently following the highest standards of client service and communication and we rigorously focus on our own outcome quality.
  • ArrowLongstanding client relationships which grow in an atmosphere of honesty, value and trust, coupled with our experience in recruiting, development and training of the right candidates in a variety of health care submarket industries, provide the foundation for our first-class client services.
  • ArrowAs a global recruitment consultancy, we are represented in Europe as well as in North- and South America, Africa and Asia.
  • ArrowWe are constantly sourcing at global, international, national, regional and local level.
  • ArrowDespite our international presence, we retain an excellent understanding of regional aspects and local needs of our clients.
  • ArrowWe think global and act local!
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