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Dr. Fae’ shows an excellent knowledge and long experience in the international healthcare system, holding various managerial roles in Italy and abroad. He gained working experience on healthcare management, international healthcare consulting, international medical transports, pre-hospital emergency medicine and healthcare personnel training programs. From his university background perspective, Dr. Fae’ is a mental health specialist with a professional doctorate degree in “clinical psychology” and a bachelor’s degree in “medical sciences” focusing his attention on “neuro- psychology, psychobiology, psychopharmacology and sleep medicine”. He has collaborated with various international academic institutions including the CARI (Center of Advanced Research and Innovation) of Charisma University (TCI) and the Cheshire Hall Medical Center (TCI). He is also a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the British Psychological Society (BPS). Over the years he has carried out in-depth studies on psychobiology, psychosomatic medicine, functional medicine and psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology (PNEI).

At the UNIPSI University of Turin Dr. Fae’ has obtained a 4- year diploma in psychobiological and naturopathic sciences, with subsequent specialized studies in: “nutrition and psychosomatic medicine, food disorders, epigenetics, nutraceuticals, clinical phytotherapy and herbal sciences, clinical mycotherapy, psychobiology of emotions and art therapy.

Dr. Fae’ possesses many years of professional work experience during which he has had the opportunity to gain substantial experience in human resources and health services management for different companies. In quality of general manager, he was responsible for the company network, stipulating new agreements with both Italian and foreign partner organizations. During his several professional assignments he could also gain valuable experience in the coordination of “operative response center, medical staff, medical devices, international medical transports and health- care personnel training” in Italy and in the international arena.


  • Research and selection of specialized and management personnel in the healthcare field
  • Talent scouting and staff development
  • Thanks to a long experience in the healthcare world, he focuses on the medical science field of:
    • Personnel Research and Selection in healthcare field (e.g. Pharmaceutical Companies, Biotech Industry, Preclinical and Clinical Development, Hospitals/Medical Clinics, Medical Devices and Supplies, Medical Insurance, Home Health Care and Specialist Medical Services)
    • Executive Search and recruitment

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